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   In a remarkable passage in Job the earth is compared to a building. The question is asked Job –

                        “Where wast thou when I laid the FOUNDATIONS of the earth?

            Declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the MEASURES

            Thereof, if thou knowest? Or who hath stretched the LINE upon it?

            Whereupon are the FOUNDATIONS thereof fastened? Or who laid the


            thereof; when the ‘Morning Stars’ sang together, and all the  SONS OF GOD’

                                                            SHOUTED FOR JOY?”

                                                                        Job 38:4-7.


 Now we know that the earth has no foundations, for it is a sphere and hung upon nothing, as Job well knew. Job 26:7. The building referred to in the above passage must therefore be one with which Job was familiar. And to what can it better refer than to the Great Pyramid of which, as we shall see, Job was the probable builder, for what other form of building is there that has FOUR FOUNDATION STONES, and a CAPSTONE, or HEAD CORNER-STONE, but a pyramid? In the above passage the “Foundations” are distinct from the “Corner-Stone,” and it was not until the building was completed b y the laying of the chief  “CORNER” or “CAPSTONE,” that the “SONS OF GOD,” the angels, shouted for joy, as doubtless did the builders of the “Great Pyramid” when it was finished and dedicated.


The Great Pyramid is the only form of building that conforms to the symbolic description of the “SPIRITUAL BUILDING,” spoken of in Scripture, of which Christ is said to be the “CHIEF CORNER-STONE.”

            “Ye are built upon the FOUNDATION OF THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS,

            Jesus Christ Himself being the  

                                                ‘CHIEF CORNER-STONE’;

            in whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an ‘HOLY TEMPLE’

            in the Lord; in whom ye also are builded together, for an

                                                HABITATION OF GOD’

            through the Spirit.”  Eph. 2:21-22.


There is no “CHIEF CORNER-STONE” in architectural construction but in a building of Pyramidal form, and in shape it is exactly like the building it tops out. To its angles is “ALL THE BUILDING FITLY FRAMED TOGETHER.” Being five-sided there is no place for it in the building until the finishing touch is given, and therefore the builders rejected it until needed. So we read of Christ –“The stone, which the builders DISALLOWED (REFUSED Psa. 118:22), the same is made the HEAD OF THE CORNER (“Chief Corner-Stone” Verse 6), and a ‘STONE OF STUMBLING,’ and a ‘ROCK OF OFFENCE.’” 1 Pet. 2:7-8. Rom. 9:32-33. The “Capstone” of a pyramid until needed would be in the way, and a “Stone of Stumbling,” and “Rock of Offence” to the workmen. So with Christ. Paul says –“We preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a ‘STUMBLING BLOCK,’ and unto the Greeks ‘FOOLISHNESS,’” or a “Rock of Offence.” I Cor. 1:23.


The “Capstone” of a pyramid is 5 sided and 5 pointed, with one sharp point always sticking up. Anyone falling on it would be “broken” or injured, and when on its way to its lofty position, were it to fall on anyone, it would “GRIND HIM TO POWDER.”  Matt. 21:42-44. From what has been said we see that the Great Pyramid is symbolic of the Spiritual Building of which Christ is the “Chief Capstone.”


Here we must tread softly lest we be charged with “Time Setting” and subject ourselves and our subject to ridicule. The interior measurements, while carefully and accurately made, can only be used approximately, for there are other things to be taken into account in drawing conclusions from them. All we shall essay to do in broad outlines to suggest what the interior arrangement of passageways and chambers may be intended to teach Dispensationally, leaving to others who may come after to verify them.


As the polished descending passageway (BB) pointed in B. C. 2170, the date of the building of the Pyramid, to “ALPHA DRACONIS,” the “chief star” in the Constellation of the “DRAGON” or “GREAT SERPENT,” we see that the Pyramid reveals the existence of the “DEVIL,” and as the passageway continues downward to an unfinished Chamber (H), which may be intended to represent “Hell,” we see that mankind, marching down that passage , would be under the sign and dominion of the Dragon with “Hell” as their destination.


About quarter way down the descending passageway we come to an ascending passage (D). This seems to indicate an upward trend of a part of the human race, and is believed by many to represent the period from the Exodus to the Birth of Christ.


The “Grand Gallery” is supposed to represent the Dispensation from the Birth of Christ to the Rapture of the Church. Measured in Pyramid inches the length of the Grand Gallery is 1882 inches, and if each inch stood for a year, that would make this Dispensation 1882 years long. But it is already 1920+ years long, and this shows us that we have not yet discovered the unit of measurement if we are going to use the measurements of the interior passageways and chambers to set dates. There are, however, several striking thins connected with the “Grand Gallery.” If the commencement of the  ”Grand Gallery” indicates the Birth of Christ, we have to measure but about 30 inches before we come to the mouth of an open well, that leads downward by a serpentine passage to the Chamber “H.” At “S” this well opens into a wide cavern.


The edges of the mouth of the well are ragged, as if its cover had been violently forced upward from below. The well then may represent the grave, and the open and ragged mouth the Resurrection of Christ, who could not be “holden of death,” and the cavern (S”) the “UNDERWORLD,” where His soul and spirit went to meet the penitent thief in its Paradise compartment. The seven overhanging courses of stone that form the sides of the “Grand Gallery” may represent the “Seven Church Periods.” If the “Grand Gallery” represents the present Dispensation, and the low horizontal passageway (“T”), in which it ends, represents the “Tribulation,” then we would naturally expect some outlet from the “Grand Gallery” for the “Rapture of the Church.” Upon investigation, such an opening was found in a corner of the ceiling leading into the open spaces over the ceiling of the “King’s Chamber.” See (“R”). This opening was filled with the remains of bats, showing that only winged beings could find an exit there.


The end wall of the “Grand Gallery” at this point leans inward as if to indicate that the Rapture of the Church will precede by some years the “Tribulation Period.” That the “Grand Gallery” was constructed with such grand proportions, out of all harmony with the “Tomb Theory,” seems to indicate that it was constructed with special reference to the Present Dispensation.


If the low passageway (“T”) represents the “Tribulation,” and the “Ante-Room” (“M”), the “Millennium,” the low passageway (“P”), represents the Apostasy of Gog and Magog at the close of the Millennium, and the “King’s Chamber” (“K”) the New Heavens and the New Earth, or the Eternal State.


The “King’s Chamber” is so called because it was supposed to have been built to contain the body of the King, and the “Queen’s Chamber” to hold the body of the Queen. But as we have seen the Great Pyramid was not constructed for a tomb. In the “King’s Chamber” we find the only article of furniture in the Pyramid, a “COFFER.” It is a lidless, empty box, cut from a solid block of red granite, and polished within and without, but without ornamentation or inscription. Its inside length and width is large enough to receive the Sarcophagus of a man 6 feet tall, but there is no indication of its ever being used for that purpose. The remarkable thing about it is, that its interior capacity is exactly equal to that of the Ark of the  Covenant of the Tabernacle, or one-fiftieth of Solomon’s molten sea. Here again we note an agreement between the Pyramid and the Scriptures, as if the “Coffer” and the “Ark of the Covenant” were designed by the same Divine Architect.


Says Dr. Siess, “If the Pyramid was built to symbolize spiritual things, we would naturally look for some chamber or room representing the ‘NEW JERUSALEM’.” No such chamber has as yet been found, though there is evidence of the existence of an as yet undiscovered chamber. Among the debris of building material fragments of a green and white “DIORITE” stone have been found, and no stone of that kind has as yet been found anywhere in the Pyramid. If such a chamber exists it will probably be found on the 100th layer of masonry, on the vertical line of the Pyramid (“N”), and cubical in form with 3 entrances on a side.


From the mouth of the well (“W”) a horizontal passageway (“J”) leads to the chamber (“Q”), called the “Queen’s Chamber.” One-seventh of the way from the “Queen’s Chamber” it drops to a lower level and forms the unfinished floor of the “Queen’s Chamber.” This horizontal passageway is supposed to represent the Jews in their present dispersed condition, and the beginning of the passageway about 70 inches from the commencement of the “Grand Gallery,” the date of their dispersion, A. D. 70. The fact that this low horizontal passageway terminates in the “Queen’s Chamber” seems to confirm the teaching of Scripture that the Jews will again become a great and leading nation.


Paul tells us in Rom. 11:25, that “BLINDNESS IN PART is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in,” and a remarkable thing, connected with the “Queen’s Chamber,” is that it was noted for its foul air and noisome smell for lack of ventilation, but in the year 1872 a visitor to the Pyramid noticed in the south wall of the Queen’s Chamber a crack, into which he inserted a piece of wire that met no obstruction. A workman was sent for who, with a hammer and chisel, cut into the wall and disclosed an air tube (Y), evidently purposely made, and extending back about 7 feet, and then turning upward. The mouth of this tube, for 5 inches back from the side of the chamber, for some mysterious reason, had been filled up, and the existence of the tube left unknown. At the same location, on the opposite wall of the Chamber, a similar tube was discovered hidden behind the surface of the wall. Why were these tubes thus hidden if it were not with some symbolic intent? How beautifully then do they symbolize the blindness of the Jews that is to remain as Scales upon their eyes until they are converted, and as their conversion is not to be until after they have been restored to their land, symbolized by the “Queen’s Chamber,” we see how the removal of the scales from the mouth of the tubes beautifully symbolizes the removal of Israel’s blindness. The “Queen’s Chamber” might therefore well be called the “JEW’S CHAMBER.”


The position of the “Queen’s Chamber,” almost directly under the ending of the “Grand Gallery,” would seem to teach that the gathering back of the Jews would begin about the time of the ending of this Present Dispensation, which harmonizes with the teaching of the Scriptures.

The strange thing about the “Great Pyramid” is, that, if it were simply built for the sepulcher of a king and his wife, why does it record so many mathematical and astronomical facts, and why were the interior passageways and chambers so constructed and arranged as to harmonize with the prophetic teachings of the Scriptures?

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