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The Great Pyramid is built on the solid rock. The rock was leveled around the base lines, and cornerstones (X), sunk 8 inches in the rock, were placed in position. The cubit measurement is the Hebrew cubit of 25 A 025 inches. The length of each side of the base is 365 A 2422 cubits, the exact number of days in the SOLAR year, including the extra day every 4 years, and also allowing for the periodical dropping of a leap year at intervals. The slope of the sides of the Pyramid is of such an angle that they meet at the apex at the predetermined height of 232 A 52 cubits. Why this fraction of a cubit? So that if twice the length of a side at the base, be divided by the height of the Pyramid, we shall have the figures 3 A 14159, (365 A 242X2 )232 A 52=3 A 14159), which, when multiplied by the diameter of a circle, gives its circumference. Now the perimeter of the base of the Pyramid (365 A 242X4=14609 A 68) is exactly equal to the circumference of a circle whose diameter is twice the height of the Pyramid

(232 A 52X2X3 A 1416=14609 A 68). So we see in the equality of these figures the solution of the mathematical problem of how to SQUARE THE CIRCLE. See Diagram "B."


   The angle of the slope of the sides is as 10 to 9. That is, for every 10 feet you ascent up the slope of the Pyramid you rise in altitude 9 feet, and if you multiply the altitude of the Pyramid by 10 raised to the 9th power, you have 91,840,000, which in miles, gives the exact distance of the sun from the earth.


There is a two-fold year, the “Sidereal,” or year of the stars, and the “Equinoctial,” or year of the seasons. They differ by about 50 seconds each year. That is the stars in their rising and setting are retarded about 50 seconds a year, so that for the “Sidereal” and “Equinoctial” years to come around and again coincide, will take 25,827 years, which is known as a “CYCLE,” and when we add together the diagonals of the Pyramid’s base, in Pyramid inches, we have 25,827 inches, or as many inches as the Cycle has years.


In 1839 Sir John Herschel, assuming that the long, narrow polished, descending passage, marked B B on Diagram “C,” was meant to be leveled at the “Polar Star” of the date of the construction of the Pyramid, made a calculation and found that such was the case. That star has since been proven to be “ALPHA DRACONIS,” the Polar Star of the year B. C. 2170. But “Alpha Draconis” by itself does not fix the date, but its combination with another star does. For a long time it was supposed that the sun of our Solar System was stationary, and that the 0planets and comets circled around it. But now we know that it is not stationary, but that it is circling, with all the members of our Solar System, around some central point in the Universe. This central point is now believed to the Star “ALCYONE,” the central star of the Pleiades. And it was to this star that the apex of the Pyramid pointed on the meridian at midnight of the year B.C. 2170. This combination of these two stars (“Alpha Draconis” and “Alcyone”) will not occur again until the “PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES,” or until 25827 years have rolled around.


But as at the time of the date of the building of the Pyramid (B. C. 2170) the “Polar Star” was a trifle to the East of the center of the North side of the Pyramid, it was necessary to put the entrance passage at that point, and that accounts for why the tunnel driven in from the center of the North side by the workmen of Ali Mamoun failed to hit the descending passage.


Entering the Pyramid we find that the descending entrance passage leads in a straight line down to a chamber marked “H” (Diagram “C”), which has been cut out of the solid rock, and is about 100 feet below the base of the Pyramid. This chamber appears to be unfinished, as it has a passageway leading out from the opposite side that stops short, and the bottom of the chamber is rough and unfinished.


The entrance passage is not quite 4 feet high, and a trifle over 3 feet 5 inches wide.


Descending this entrance passage, about 985 inches from the entrance an upward passage of the same size (D), leads upward at about the same angle as the descending passage, a distance of 1542 inches, when it opens out into a Grand Gallery 1882 inches long, that is 28 feet high, 6 feet wide at the bottom and narrows toward the top, the narrowing above the base sides being produced by 7 courses of stones, each course overhanging the one below.


About 3 feet from the entrance to the “Grand Gallery,” on the West side, is a torn and ragged opening that leads into a well (W), that passes through the masonry of the Pyramid and solid rock in a serpentine manner, down to the chamber marked “H.” Midway of this well is a cavern-shaped opening (S) made in the solid rock.


Just above the mouth of this well a horizontal passageway (J) leads to a chamber (Q) called the Queen’s Chamber. This chamber is 205 inches wide, 226 inches long, and has a triangular-shaped ceiling, and a vertical line let fall from the apex of the Pyramid passes through its center.


At the top of the sloping floor of the “Grand Gallery” there is a vertical step (E) 3 feet high, the top of which leads to a low passageway (T) that opens into an “Ante-Chamber” (M), from which, by another low passageway (P), entrance is had into a large chamber (K), twice the size of the “Queen’s Chamber.” This chamber, called the “King’s Chamber,” is constructed of polished red granite, and is 412 inches long, 206 inches wide, and 230 inches high. It contains the only piece of furniture in the Pyramid, a stone “Coffer”  ©, lidless and empty and cut from a solid block of red granite polished within and without. It is an oblong rectangular trough, without inscription or ornament, and of a size that it could not possibly have been taken in or out of its place since the Pyramid was built. The King’s Chamber has two ventilating tubes (VV) that connect with openings on the outside of the Pyramid, and keep the Chamber at the standard temperature of 68° Fahrenheit all the year round. The roof of the King’s Chamber is composed of 9 heavy blocks of granite supported on the side walls, and above the roof are  5 hollow spaces (G), covered with massive stones, and so arranged as to carry the weight of the superincumbent mass of masonry. The “King’s Chamber” is on the 50th layer of masonry, and t he “Queen’s Chamber” on the 25th. That the so-called King’s and Queen’s Chambers were not intended as mortuary Chambers is seen when we examine the Second and Third Pyramids (Diagram “C”), for in those pyramids, built for tombs, the Mortuary Chambers are built in the foundation of the Pyramid as if those who built them knew nothing about the chambers and passageways in the center of the Great Pyramid.


Now why all this interior arrangement of passageways and chambers? There was no architectural need for them unless the Great pyramid was intended for a storehouse of historical or material treasure, or a mausoleum of the dead, of which it gives no evidence, for there are no interior decorations or hieroglyphics upon its walls or passageways, which are to be found in all the other pyramids that were built for tombs. It will not do to say that it had not reached the stage in its construction for ornamentation, for it was completely finished on the outside, and then sealed up and left, the purpose of its construction evidently having been completed. Could it be that the Great Pyramid was built for the purpose of embodying in its construction not only mathematical and astronomical knowledge, but also chronological and Scriptural knowledge? Let us see:


In Isaiah 19:19-20 there is a remarkable prophecy that most commentators fail to notice:

            “In THAT DAY shall there be an ALTAR to the Lord

            in the MIDST of the Land of Egypt, and a PILLAR at the

            BORDER thereof to the Lord. And it shall be for a SIGN

            And for a WITNESS unto the Lord of Hosts in the Land of



That this prophecy has not as yet been fulfilled is clear from the date mentioned – “THAT DAY,” which is 3 times repeated in the context (verses 21, 23, 24), and which refers to the “Day of the Lord” which is still future.


The prophecy declares that in “That Day” there shall be an “ALTAR” and a “PILLAR” in the MIDST of the LAND OF EGYPT (not Palestine), and at the BORDER thereof, and “IT” shall be for a SIGN and a WITNESS. The word “IT” conveys the idea that the “ALTAR” and “PILLAR” are not two different objects but are one and the same. While the word “Altar” in the Hebrew means the “Lion of God,” and could refer to the  “Sphinx,” which is nearby, the “Great Pyramid” is pre-eminently the “lion” in massiveness and strength among buildings, and its shape also answers to the description of a “PILLAR,” or mammoth pyramidal obelisk.


Then the position of the “Great Pyramid” harmonizes with the location of the “Altar and Pillar,” which was to be in the MIDST of Egypt and at the BORDER thereof. In 1868 Professor H.  Mitchell, of the United States Survey, was sent b y the Government to report on the progress of the Suez Canal. Struck with the peculiar curvature of the shore line of the Delta of the Nile, he took a good man and drew a curved line touching all the prominent points of the coast, and found that it formed an arc of a sector whose center was located at the site of the Great Pyramid. See Diagram “D.” This, without any knowledge of the Biblical prophecy,  he confirmed the fact that the Great Pyramid was located at the center or in the MIDST of Egypt, and as the Delta, or Lower Egypt, comprised the section of Egypt included in the sector, and the Great Pyramid stands on the BORDER between Upper and Lower Egypt, therefore the Great Pyramid is both in the MIDST of Egypt, and on its BORDER. It would seem then that beyond question the Great Pyramid is the “Altar and Pillar” that the Prophet Isaiah declared should in t he last days of this Dispensation be a “SIGN” and a “WITNESS” unto the Lord. If this be true then it becomes us to prayerfully, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, who spake through the Prophet, try to discover what the Great Pyramid as a “WITNESS” has to reveal to us.





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